One Digital Footprint at a Time

Along came COETAIL and suddenly I was online more than I had been before. Blogging, Twittering and Facebooking, growing my personal learning network, all while devouring the content of what it actually means to be online, what my digital footprint is, how I am supposed to create digital leaders of Generation Z and why as teachers we should be online more often.

As a faculty we decided our major goal was to create a system across our small school that would allow students to utilize Google Classroom and its components effectively, because even though we were already a fairly technology proficient school, we were not organized efficiently. We were determined to change that! We figured that our new system would allow students to streamline their work, manage it within their own personal folder and begin to create their online digital portfolios.

We implemented our plan in the beginning of the school year – with a few minor hurdles of working out the kinks of handing work in and it then being non accessible. Once we jumped those small hurdles we dove right into having our 6-8th grade students take over our Instagram account, create an online blogging account and a parent newsletter that discussed the importance of students learning internet safety from a young age.

So while my Course 5 project wasn’t to directly overhaul a specific unit – because we just don’t have that at our school – we instead began to look at ways to give our students more ownership over learning the importance of internet safety, digital citizenship, global entrepreneurship and leading by example for our younger students. The video created is a compilation of our work, from our students voice.




And while the course is coming to an end….I have learned the importance of a global community that is connected through the common goal of interactive and technology proficient curriculum that expands beyond the classroom. I appreciate the feedback, suggestions, comments, inspiration and connections I have made.

And while my course is done….my learning is not. Did I meet my goals…not yet, but that is because my students pushed them farther. Did I learn and did my students learn…yes and we will continue to learn and grow as our community continues to dive in and discover the technology and power they have when the internet and global community is at their fingertips!

Our students and small faculty have vowed to keep the growth mindset and continually strive for growth, educational inspiration and building a future of students who are being “trained” for an unknown technology driven future!

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